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Beautiful Documentary Style Birth Photography, Doula Support & Placenta Remedies

I am honoured to offer comprehensive, holistic, and person-centred support to families in the UK. From home to hospital, first babies to rainbow babies, I love supporting new parents on their journey to have the positive birth experience they deserve, preserve the memory of that experience, and transition gently into the postpartum period.

I have been a birth photographer for five years, and a Certified Birth & Postnatal Doula for three years. I am also a Certified Placenta Specialist offering a variety of placenta remedies, including placenta pills & capsules, smoothies, tinctures, essence, oils, homeopathics, and prints.

Together with the Doula Support I also offer Antenatal Education to help parents prepare and transition into parenthood whether they be first time parents or parents for the second, third and fourth time. Birth preparation sessions are an essential part of planning for your new baby. These sessions can be tailor made to suit your specific needs whether you are first time parents or parents that need a little more support, information and care after a pregnancy or birth loss.

Photography is my absolute passion and to be able to capture the rawness and beauty of birth and motherhood for parents is so rewarding and humbling.

I also serve as a bereavement photographer for my local hospital's maternity unit and have a passion for supporting parents as they navigate the uncertain waters of growing their families after pregnancy loss.

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Birth stories, forever preserved. View my collection of moving birth images.

Doula Support

Antenatal, Birth and Postnatal Doula Support.



Placenta Remedies

Support your postnatal journey & health with Placenta Remedies.

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We originally considered hiring a Doula after deciding on a home birth. When stumbling across Claire’s page on the UK’s registered Official doula website we were amazed that we could have not only a Doula but a Birth photographer all in one. After an initial phone call and then meeting in person we just clicked and it was obvious that we needed Claire. Hiring Claire was the best decision we made and my partner and I look back on the birth of our son as the most incredibly positive experience and this was largely down to Claire and on top of that she was able to capture the poignant moments throughout. Claire was incredibly responsive and supportive in not just the labour but the build up and post care also. Throughout the 40hour labour Claire never left my side and went above and beyond to meet our needs. She stepped back when my partner and I needed space and stepped up when I needed a hand to hold, encouragement or even a Costa post birth. The midwives were all so incredibly complementary of how professional Claire was and the photos are simply breathtaking. I’m so glad we decided to capture the most important day of our life and have enjoyed since sharing these with family and friends. Also the ability to be able to look back and see my partners emotions which isn’t possible in the moment of giving birth means the world to me. Thank you so much Claire.

- Ashleigh

We decided to investigate getting a doula when we realised we couldn't manage a home birth and a toddler on our own. After speaking with Claire on the phone I was sure she was the one as she seemed to immediately get how I wanted to approach the birth and my general attitude about birthing and interventions. And we couldn't of been happier with the support Claire offered during the meetings before and after birth and the birth itself. Our son arrived at 42 weeks and all the while up until this point Claire was reassuring and responsive. I definitely would have said yes (without wanting to) to things the docs were suggesting if Claire hadn't of attended and supported me in a hospital appointment towards the end. Talking to Claire during the early stages of contractions helped to figure out what was going on and make decisions, she then arrived at our home and supported myself and my partner in the perfect way and advocated for what we wanted /hoped for/ needed when we weren't able to. To top if off, she offered to take pictures of the birth which now having seen them I am so so grateful for, its helped so much with processing how different stages of the birth went as well as capturing the incredible moments and emotions, amazing! We feel really lucky to have met Claire and had her at the birth.

- Rachel

'Claire has captured so many special moments throughout the labour and birth, yet you hardly notice she is there with a camera!'


'Claire recently photographed my birth at home. I honestly couldn't recommend her more. The photos are incredible, she has captured so many different emotions in all of the photos.'

- Rianna

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