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Birth Pool & Sling Hire

I have birth pools and labour slings available to my doula clients and also to hire.

I have Regular and Mini pools from Birth Pool in a Box.

My Birth Pool in a Box pools are available to hire for 5 weeks, starting from 37 weeks through to 42 weeks if needed. If you did need to hold on to the pool for longer, this isn't a problem and there will be no additional fee, just let me know.

These pools are of the best quality and are cleaned and sanitised thoroughly after every birth. The pools  will come with all the equipment you need to enable you to have a water birth in your own home.

As a doula I know how beneficial labouring and birthing in water can be, even more so in your own home.

I recommend you have your pool delivered at around 37 weeks. Once you reserve your pool you don't have to do anything, not even a deposit, until 36 weeks. At 36 weeks i will need a deposit to secure your booking, this is also when we will arrange a delivery date and time, normally within your 37th week. Once you have finished with your pool just let me know and we will arrange a collection time to suit you.

My aim is to make hiring my birth pools as comfortable and stress-free an experience as possible. You can call or message me at any point of the hire period, even if it's 2am if you have any issues.

If you would like more information please message.




You can adjust the height of the pool thanks to the 3-chamber design, plus there are several handles for extra support and control. The integrated seat is the perfect height for resting after the birth, holding your baby’s head above the water as you relax and bond.


The Regular - 76" 65" - 193 x 165cm


The Mini - 65" x 57" - 165 x 145cm

Choosing your Pool

Regular Birth Pool 

This option is slightly larger than the mini which allows your partner to join you, with a comfortable amount of room, if this is something you would like. It also features  a seat for more comfort whilst labouring in the pool. To fill the pool to 80%, which is the recommended volume, it would be the equivalent to 4 standard baths of water. Weight (when filled with water only): 662kgs 

Mini Birth Pool

This option holds 40% less water than the Birth Pool in a Box Regular, roughly 2.5 baths, so it is ideal if you are concerned about your hot water supply and are more limited on space. It still features the seat and cupholder and there is plenty of room to move about into positions to aid comfort during labour. Weight (when filled with water only): 487kgs.

What's Included

  • Birth Pool

  • Liner

  • Hose - 10m (upgrade to 15m possible)

  • Electric Inflatable Pump

  • Submersible water pump (to empty the pool)

  • Thermometer

  • Sieve/net

  • Non-slip waterproof floor cover

  • Tap connectors (different options)

  • Instruction booklet

Birth Pool Hire Fee


Birth Sling

The Birth Sling was created to help birthing mamas and birth workers make the most of their birthing experience and really is a game changer. Women have used tools such as ropes, hammocks, and slings to assist them in labour for centuries, this really is just a new and convenient take on these ancient and intuitive methods used by our ancestors. It's designed to encourage upright and active birth, helping to speed up labour and increase comfort. The Birth Sling can be used in any birthing context, whether you're in a hospital or at home. When used properly, the Birth Sling can also help alleviate the stress placed on the mother's back, preventing unnecessary pain and discomfort. Invest in hiring the Birth Sling and experience all the benefits that it has to offer.

You can hire one of my Birth Sling slings for 5 weeks. A deposit of £50.00 is needed when booking, the remaining balance needs to be paid when we arrange delivery, at around 36 weeks. Once full payment has been made we will arrange a delivery date and time, normally within your 37th week. Once you have finished with your sling just let me know and we will arrange a collection time to suit you. 

To give you a better idea of how a birth sling can help you throughout your labour please see the link below.

Upright labour positioning is associated with quicker labour times, a decrease in the rate of intervention and a 25% decrease in primary caesarean rate (Gams, et al 2019)



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Birth Sling Hire


Booking your birth pool or sling.
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