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Pregnancy & Birth



Evidence Based Birth.

Evidence based research so that you can make informed, empowered choices and have the positive birth you deserve!

Sara Wickham.

Dr Sara Wickham is a midwife, author, educator and researcher. Her website and books offer a wealth of knowledge and research surrounding pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Group B Strep - GBS.

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction - SPD.

Colostrum collection before birth.

Information on expressing colostrum before baby is born


AIMs support all maternity service users to navigate the system as it exists, and campaign for a system which truly meets the needs of all birthing people.


Evidence-based recommendations developed by independent committees, including professionals and lay members, and consulted on by stakeholders.

La Leche League - Free Antenatal Breast Feeding Course.

Postpartum & Motherhood

Safer Sleeping.

The Lullaby Trust offer safer sleep advice which gives simple steps for how you can sleep your baby to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) which is commonly known as cot death. It can give you the peace of mind to enjoy this special time.


The 4th Trimester

Daisy First Aid.

Daisy First Aid family and carer classes teach you how to deal with an accident or emergency involving babies and children.

Postnatal Depression.

45 Simple Self Care Tips and Practices for Busy Mums.


Closing Of The Bones Ceremony.


La Leche League

National Feeding Helpline

Breastfeeding information and support available 9.30am to 9.30pm every day of the year - 0300 100 0212

Association of Breastfeeding Mothers

ABM are a group of trained volunteers dedicated to supporting breastfeeding mums and their families. ABM can help finding local breastfeeding groups.

Unicef Guide to bottle feeding.

Paced Bottle Feeding.

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