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Placenta Remedies

Steamed Capsules - £225.00


These capsules are the Traditional Chinese Medicine method of preparing the placenta. The placenta is steamed from its raw state with ginger, lemon and chilli, before being dehydrated and ground down ready to be popped into vegetarian capsules. It is thought this preparation is more calming.

*It is not advised to consume TCM capsules if you have an infection in the body such as the flu or mastitis. It is said that the yang (heat) energy from the TCM capsules can feed the infection. For mastitis, homeopathic treatment is very effective.

**Sometimes during the steaming process the placenta loses mass meaning that you might not get as many as capsules as you would with the Simple Method.

Smoothie - £70.00

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Consuming a small piece of the placenta (about 3 tablespoons size) within 24 hours after birth in a smoothie with berry fruits, bananas and water has been shown to encourage the haemorrhaging (bleeding) of the uterus to slow down and/or stop while also replenishing your body with essential hormones and nutrients giving you much needed energy after birth. Mothers who have the raw placenta smoothie after birth report greatly increased energy and often notice their milk ‘comes in’ within hours. To eliminate all risk of cross contamination I use a brand new hand-held blender for each client, included in the fee. The raw placenta smoothie tastes of nothing but berries, banana and fruit; in fact, it’s quite delicious! 

Mother & Baby Oil - £45.00-£75.00

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An oil made from apricot kernel and part of your placenta. The oil is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B17 & E. The oil can be used as part of your babys bedtime routine. By massaging the oil into your newborns skin you can replenish and rehydrate your babys skin and is an amazing bonding experience for parents and babies. You can also add the oil to your face and body creams.

Homeopathic - £75.00


I can arrange a homeopathic placenta remedy for both you and baby to be made using a small piece of your placenta. Some research and experience suggest homeopathic placenta remedy may help mothers with depression, baby blues and/or times of emotional instability and/or separation. Your baby may also benefit from their placenta remedy treating colic, fussiness, crying, teething, and during times of growth and separation anxiety e.g., crawling, walking and weaning. Your remedy will be sent directly to your home 1-2 weeks after birth in a 7c soft tablet form for baby and 30c hard tablet form for you or as otherwise requested. You will receive a Homeopathic Placenta Remedy Guide booklet upon delivery. You can book this service in advance in your booking form. 

Simple Capsules - £225.00

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Using the raw dried preparation, the placenta is not steamed but sliced raw and dehydrated for 14-16 hours.  This preparation is thought to be more energising. 

*If there is meconium present during labour and birth Steamed Capsules will be made instead.



Combined Capsules - £265.00

Get the most from your placenta by having a 50/50 combination of the simple method and steamed method (Traditional Chinese Medicine - TCM).

Tincture - £75.00

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Tincture is made from a piece of the mother's own raw placenta after birth, steeping in alcohol making a strong remedy over 6 weeks. The placenta tincture can be used for emotional, mental and psychological instability and may also be very beneficial for treating PMS and menopause. 

Suggested dosage is 10-40 drops in water two to three times a day during times of need. 

If you are not planning on having any more children after this pregnancy a placenta tincture is an excellent life investment, the perfect way to save the power or your placenta, putting it to greater use in the future for example during PMS and the menopause.

Essence - £60.00

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An Essence is the intrinsic nature and fundamental quality of a particular person, place, or substance healing on an energetic or vibrational level, stimulating our vital force. * I make the placenta essence by steeping a small piece of your fresh placenta in distilled water for 4 hours in the sunlight. After straining the placenta water is added to equal parts of 40% alcohol (vodka). You will receive a 250ml amber glass bottle with a lifetime supply of undiluted placenta essence as well as a 20ml amber glass dropper bottle of diluted essence for everyday use.  

Dosage: For use during times of transition, illness, stress, teething, emotional instability or hormonal imbalance. Suggested dosage is 1-4 drops in water when needed by spraying and inhaling or massaging into pulse points on the body (temples, wrists). 

Because I advise mothers not to take their TCM placenta capsules when ill or with fever (see above), the placenta essence is an excellent replacement remedy, supporting the body both emotionally and physically during times of illness.

Print - £20.00


A placenta print is a great way of having a physical memory of your placenta to keep forever. A print is taken from your placenta on an A3 size piece of card.

The first few days after having a baby are often tainted with recovery from birth and exhaustion from broken sleep. Having supported lots of clients through their births and postpartum journeys I have seen many turn to placenta remedies to help with their recovery with amazing results! 

Although there is very little published research out there about the benefits of placenta remedies, anecdotal research may suggest that consuming your placenta either by taking capsules, tincture, essence or smoothies, can help to balance out the hormones in the early weeks after having your baby, reduce the amount of time mums bleed for, increase her breast milk supply, give mum more energy, boost her iron levels and reduce hair loss.


As well as losing between 1/8th – 1/10th of their blood supply after their baby is born, from the wound on the wall of the uterus where the placenta was attached throughout the pregnancy, mum loses a huge amount of the hormones she needs to heal and repair.

The placenta contains 17 hormones, growth factors, iron, protein, trace minerals, vitamins A, D, K, the vitamin B complex, essential fats protein, amino acids and more.

One of the things placenta remedies might be able to help with is ‘Baby Blues’ and/or Post-natal Depression. It is known that the ‘Baby Blues’, which normally manifest around day 3 after birth and when mums milk comes in, can bring some anxiety, sadness and make mums feel quite emotional. Unfortunately, in some cases this can lead onto Post-natal Depression. Studies that have been carried out and proven to show that the severe lack of essential nutrients such as vitamin B6 and the hormone CRH (the stress reducer hormone), are linked to symptoms of Post-natal Depression. Both of these hormones are in high supply in the placenta. By nourishing mums with placenta made smoothies or by consuming placenta capsules, you could replace the lost hormones and essential nutrients following birth and could entirely prevent the ‘baby blues’ and even post-natal depression.


Testimonials from my clients reveal that consuming the placenta after their births may have improved postpartum bleeding, making it lighter in flow and shorter in the length of time they bled, improved energy levels, increased milk supply, which in turn created an overall stronger and more positive post birth recovery experience.

All prices include delivery of a Placenta Chiller Pack at 36 weeks to store your placenta in after birth, in person collection from your birth location (unless over 70 miles away), preparation of your placenta into capsules and delivery within 72 hours. 

A £50.00 deposit is required at booking to secure services.

Bespoke packages made on request.

For more details please visit my Placenta Remedies website.

Every order includes a keepsake of your baby's umbilical cord * if possible

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~Member of Placenta Remedies Network - PRN

~HACCP and Food Safety trained

Only one placenta is prepared at any one time so there is no chance of cross contamination. Only the highest level of cleaning equipment and disinfectant is used and I am trained to the highest standard and awarded a 5 * Food Hygiene rating by the local Environmental Health Officer.

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