We originally considered hiring a Doula after deciding on a home birth. When stumbling across Claire’s page on the UK’s registered Official doula website we were amazed that we could have not only a Doula but a Birth photographer all in one. After an initial phone call and then meeting in person we just clicked and it was obvious that we needed Claire. Hiring Claire was the best decision we made and my partner and I look back on the birth of our son as the most incredibly positive experience and this was largely down to Claire and on top of that she was able to capture the poignant moments throughout. Claire was incredibly responsive and supportive in not just the labour but the build up and post care also. Throughout the 40hour labour Claire never left my side and went above and beyond to meet our needs. She stepped back when my partner and I needed space and stepped up when I needed a hand to hold, encouragement or even a Costa post birth. The midwives were all so incredibly complementary of how professional Claire was and the photos are simply breathtaking. I’m so glad we decided to capture the most important day of our life and have enjoyed since sharing these with family and friends. Also the ability to be able to look back and see my partners emotions which isn’t possible in the moment of giving birth means the world to me. Thank you so much Claire.

- Ashleigh

Sidney Macdonald 📷 recommends Claire Saye Birth Photography.

7 October at 09:25 ·

Claire is so lovely, I would recommend her to anyone looking to have a birth photographer. the photos we have from our sons birth are truly wonderful. claire has captured so many special moments throughout the labour and birth, yet you hardly notice she is there with a camera! if you are thinking about having a birth photographer then I would say yes, you won't regret it!

lianne_marie06BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHER I was lucky enough to have the lovely Claire from @clairesayebirth as my birth photographer. Having a photographer present during a birth is something I had never considered before, but after giving birth 3 times and not really remembering any of it or how I felt in that moment, I decided to go for it. I was apprehensive as it is a very vulnerable time, but Claire was so lovely and put me at ease straight away.  None of these pictures are posed and are all natural. Having these pictures of the day Jenson was born is something I am very grateful for. A HUGE Thank You to Claire ❤️ Full blog post on my site, link in bio! #birth #newborn #birthphotography#birthday #jenson #babyboy#specialmoment #pause #love#emotional #bcaug18 #augustbaby#ukbirthphotographer

floramac08Gorgeous.xmaddydunninghamWow Leanne! Beautiful xxx

Claire was our birth photographer and she was absolutely amazing. Not only did she capture the rawness of labour at our home but she also supported my husband and I and gave words of encouragement exactly when they were needed the most. Claire is such a lovely person alongside being a great photographer. She is discreet and I didn't even notice she was in the room during my labour. The photos blew us away and forever captured the magical memories of an unforgettable day.

 - Charlotte

I knew early on in my pregnancy that I wanted my birth photographed. The opportunity to look back on the experience once my partner and I had settled into parenthood was a big draw, also having a chronology of what happened when, as I anticipated not being able to remember too much afterwards about the birth. The hunt began to find someone who I felt comfortable being present at such a personal and private moment and could also deliver the shots I had in mind. I was extremely lucky to find Claire who happened to live between my home and the hospital. I liked the photographs featured on her website and how the style of each was clearly tailored to each birth and what the birthing women wanted from her photographs. My partner and I first met with Claire about six months into my pregnancy. She visited us at home and I immediately warmed to her, she is friendly and sincere. Claire speaks about birth and birth photography with the experience and understanding of a mum and a photographer. Her passion for birth photography was obvious from the moment we began talking, it quickly felt like speaking to a knowledgable friend. I had thought a lot before we met about what kind of photographs I hoped would be captured, and we spoke in depth about that. Claire was able to raise points that hadn’t occurred to me - when she would join us at the hospital, if I was happy for her to speak whilst I was labouring, when she would begin using a flash to capture images, etc. Discussing these details meant that I felt prepared and completely comfortable about what would happen on the day in respect of the photographs. Claire, my partner and I set up a WhatsApp group to allow us to easily communicate in the lead up to the birth. I attended a family member’s wedding in Cheshire at eight and a half months pregnant. To my astonishment, Claire was happy to discuss the possibility of traveling the four hours or so to me in the hope of capturing the birth if I went in to labour whilst away. This is an indication of Claire’s dedication - if she can capture your birth, she will, very little will stand in her way! I updated Claire via WhatsApp when my surges began and her and my partner continued to communicate over the next 20 hours before I went to the birthing centre. Claire joined us shortly after I’d been admitted and had got into the birthing pool. Claire was as quiet as a mouse, respecting the hypnobirthing techniques I had learnt before the birth. My daughter was born very suddenly and unbelievably Claire managed to photograph the key moment that she was born, even the midwife didn’t realise the baby was out! In the hours after the birth, Claire acted as a photographer but also as a friend. She was professional, respectful, helpful and reassuring. Claire sent us some initial shots in the first day or so to use to announce the birth as agreed and the remaining photographs were delivered within the week. I cried when I viewed them, they are stunning. I regularly show people who are interested (often curious!) to demonstrate how wonderful birth photography is. I have a beautiful record of my daughter’s first hours on this Earth and I can’t wait to show her when she’s older. Claire visited me in the weeks after the birth and I really feel I have gained a friend for life. If my partner and I choose to have another child in the future, there will be no question that Claire will be present.

  - Jenna

Claire is amazing. If you’re thinking of capturing your birth, I can’t recommend her highly enough! Not only is she a talented photographer, she’s also a really lovely person.

  - Anna D

Oh my goodness - amazing! We just finished looking through them now! Wow! 😍 we are completely blown away - you did such an amazing job capturing his birth. Especially considering how small and cramped our flat is - and multiple midwives, pets etc. 😂 we love all of them so much. Both started crying happy tears  at one point. Thank you a million times over, Claire. We can’t wait to share these with our friends and family - and baby when he’s old though to care! 😜 xxx

  - Chelsea