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Why on earth would you want a birth photographer??

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

This is a question ALL of my expectant couples get asked, at least once, when discussing their birth plans with friends and family.

Well, this comparison may just answer that popular question.

The image on the left is me and our daughter Millie straight after she was born. My husband, in his panic to get the perfect image that I had barked at him to take, grabbed his iPhone and took this photo. As much as I love it because it's the first image of our daughter I'm upset it's the only photo I have of such an emotional moment. Millie is barely in the image, you can't see her face, he's taken the photo at the wrong moment, the phone was right in my face to get "a close up" and I look terrible but most importantly, it's not in focus. But I can't blame him, he's not a photographer!

The image on the right is from a home birth a professional birth photographer took, me.

Both images are raw and un-posed, caught in the throws of the 'we did it moment'.

This intimate moment is captured from a discreet corner in the room! It was the early hours of the morning, the room was dimly lit with just a lamp on in the corner of the room. However, you can still clearly see every emotion and feature.

All these things come together in the images I captured because I'm trained, experienced, have the right equipment, but importantly, I'm a mum who understands how intimate a time this is. Building a relationship of trust and respect with the health professionals and not getting in their space is another important key to everyone feeling comfortable, relaxed and secure. My couples place their trust in me to get the best images I can whilst still respecting their privacy as they bring their child into the world.

As with their births, the parents are in control. I only capture images that my clients want me to capture.

With my experience I can make sure my images are as discreet as I am when taking them. I know how to frame a shot without having it posed, but most importantly I take images that protect intimate angles, if this is what has been requested.

This, as well as other details, are discussed at length in a consultation before the 38th week. We need to know our expectations and outcomes are the same.

So, why would you want a birth photographer? Well, just like your wedding day the birth of your child is a one off, never to be captured again moment in your life. The images I provide can be treasured and reminisced over time and time again. They are physical memories of that time capturing the true emotion of your child entering the world and taking their first breath, something many parents don't remember or aren't aware of in the actual moments of labor and birth.

Capturing precious memories forever.


Claire recently photographed my birth at home. I honestly couldn't recommend her more. The photos are incredible, she has captured so many different emotions in all of the photos. I completely forgot she was there whilst I was in labour and giving birth. She is so professional but at the same time warm and made me feel so comfortable. So in love with the photos which I will cherish forever! ❤❤❤

Thank you so much Claire! I can't say it enough!

- Rianna.

Wow what can I say? 🤗 Claire took the photographs at the birth of my grand daughter and how lucky we were to have her there. None of us had met her in person but we needn't have worried as she is an extremely friendly, passionate, warm, sensitive, understanding and unobtrusive beautiful soul. Throughout the birth she remained quietly in the background (almost invisible) and yet so calm and supportive. If anyone is thinking of capturing those precious moments that are so often missed or forgotten, particularly for the birthing mothers who are in the thick of it, then please do not hesitate in hiring Claire. I promise you will not regret it! I've already had a sneak preview of the photos taken and oh my goodness they have captured precious memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you so much Claire. You really are something special 💕💕

- Robyn

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